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Phimosis Treatment With/Without Surgery in Delhi

Best Treatment of Phimosis

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Phimosis is also a condition known as the tight foreskin, where the foreskin cannot be retracted fully behind the head of the penis. In an adult, the tightness of the foreskin can lead to inflammatory symptoms like challenging urinating on making sexual intercourse difficult as the foreskin may become hard and scarred. Circumcision is the best possible treatment for a tight foreskin.

The basics of phimosis

Phimosis is generally a condition where the foreskin cannot be retracted or pulled back from the tip of the penis, and a tight foreskin is commonly seen in baby boys who are not circumcised. Still, it ideally stops being an issue by turning 3. Phimosis can generally occur naturally, and young boys may not need any treatment unless they find it challenging to urinate or curl any other symptoms. The need for treatment increases when a man starts growing up.

After the age of 3, the foreskin begins loosening up, but the process will take a long time in some boys, and by the time a boy turns 17, they can quickly retract their foreskin. Swelling of the foreskin while urinating is another symptom of phimosis. In simple language, you can say that the condition might appear as if a tight rubber band at the tip of the foreskin prevents the full retraction.

Phimosis Treatment in Delhi

Physiologic phimosis

Naturally, male infants are born with a tight foreskin which can become more pliable as they age. Still, every penis tends to be unique to the individuals who take it, and there is some range in the ages when the full retraction might occur. The majority of the cases are resolved when a boy is in the 3 to 7 years range. Rare cases go into the early teenage years where boys are good candidates for circumcision.

Pathologic phimosis

Here the phimosis occurs due to trauma infection or a mechanical abnormality that is rare. For example, the glans might be too big for the narrow foreskin, and the foreskin might be fused with the glance. Balanitis is also a type of infection that leads to pathological phimosis. It happens when the penis glands are swollen and inflamed.

Why should you go for circumcision?

If you are suffering from phimosis, you should consider getting circumcision treatment from Gautam Clinic as it is one of the best in town. Phimosis leads to several painful and embarrassing complications, and you might experience pain during erection also if you suffer from phimosis. In addition, while urinating, the foreskin can inflate like a balloon, and infections can also become too severe.

Treatment generally depends on the specific cause and symptoms of the condition. There is no infection or other ailment causing phimosis in some cases as the tightened foreskin is a naturally occurring development. However, doctors might see the situation and recommend the treatment. They might first recommend you clean the penis every day with warm water and gently let it drive. After urinating, you need to dry the area under the foreskin.

Worst of cases, paraphimosis can also lead to a medical emergency. Circumcision is a personal choice, and you should consider it with great care. Ideal candidates for adult circumcision must be in good health physically mentally. You should inform the medical expert at Gautam Clinic if you have any issues during the condition.

The process at Gautam Clinic is Provided by Phimosis Expert in Delhi

The experts at the clinic approach all the procedures with the utmost care, so when you choose us, you choose the best. Doctors here are precise in the surgical execution of aesthetic objectives. They will numb the treatment area with a combination of marocain and lidocaine to ensure that you go through the procedure stress-free. The doctors might offer medication to help you relax if you show any signs of anxiety. They might suggest general anesthesia if you qualify for the same so you can sleep through the entire procedure.

After the procedure, the doctor here will recommend you rest for most of the time. After 24 hours, you can walk and move around, depending on your condition. It would be best to avoid any physical efforts and sports activities at least for a week. The wound will be healed within four weeks, but you need to avoid sexual intercourse during that time, and complications after the process are infrequent.

Why choose us?

At Gautam Clinic, we can proudly say that we offer a wide variety of phimosis without surgery, which means you can save your precious foreskin forever to remain uncut and book your appointments to meet our experts in person and get the foreskin issue resolved. We also offer partial circumcision, depending on your situation. When you choose us, you do not need to stress as we offer treatments at cost-effective rates so that you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket.