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Generation in the sexual wellbeing of men

Many factors may depend on the changes that a man may undergo in his life. Physiological and biological components are among them. When the male starts to undergo hormonal changes derived from the normal aging process, these variables emerge around 45 years of age.

All these male pathologies impact men’s sexual well-being. For this reason, changes in sexual life, such as changes in appetite or sexual desire, ejaculation disorders, or erectile dysfunction or impotence, are often regular from the age of 45 years. However, this does not occur in all men, nor does it occur in the same way.

The most frequent issues of male erection

The most common erection problem among men over 40 years of age is erectile dysfunction or impotence. We can find organic or physiological factors and psychological factors among the causes that generate them.

A sexologist in India, who can offer advice to both the patient and her partner should have it, should explicitly treat the psychological factors. By contrast, chemical causes appear to have distinct roots, although some are more prominent than others. There are, therefore, multiple causes:

Coronary system disorders. They are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, and all patients with cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension, diabetes, or cholesterol, as well as obesity, are affected. Such triggers today have potent therapies such as shock waves for impotence.

Any medications or medicines that create an adverse effect of erectile dysfunction prevent the male erection from working correctly. Sleeping tablets, antidepressants, and even absolute blood pressure or heart drugs are explicitly referred to.

Consumption of alcohol or drugs can also generate impotence and impair not only erection but also sexual desire.

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