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Cell phone and Wi-Fi-based applications are developing. Due to radiation exposure, this progress has contributed to increased health hazards. Many researchers are drawing attention to the influence of these radiations on male fertility. Studies also concluded that the male reproductive system had been adversely impacted by mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Sperm count, sperm motility, and DNA characteristics are the parameters commonly affected. This would possibly be due to increased oxidative stress and temperature.

Do mobile phones kill semen & affect fertility in men?

Cell phones are an inevitable part of our everyday lives. An emerging stream is a technology connected to mobile phones; cell phones are introduced with advanced technology. Those technologies are more intelligent and smarter. Cell phones, however, along with networking and other advantages, come with different health risks. Some hazards are mild, while others have a long-term health effect. Radiofrequency radiation has the energy to create thermal energy that can damage cells and tissues.

As human beings, we are becoming engaged continuously with our phones. Although the mobile phone’s radiation is non-ionizing, prolonged exposure to it causes significant reproductive system damage. A subject of continuous research is mobile phones’ impact on the reproductive system, particularly the male ones. The effect of mobile phones on various aspects of the male reproductive system, be it sperm characteristics of semen content, has been studied in various ways.

To assess cell phones’effect on sperm quality, a systematic study and meta-analysis were carried out and concluded that there is a detrimental effect on sperm quality due to exposure to mobile phones.

Protective steps to avoid mobile phones with male infertility?

Stop keeping the phone in the front pocket: Multiple studies suggest that male fertility is adversely affected by keeping the mobile phone in the front pocket.

Airplane mode: When not in use, particularly during the night, keep your phone in airplane mode. Alternatively, before going to bed, you can place your phone outside the bedroom.

Defender shield: Numerous mobile phone and laptop defender shields are available. You might opt for these shields from the defender.

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