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Balanitis is an inflammation of the mucosa (head of the penis) that lines the gland. Besides a reddish colour, which may have secretions, the main symptoms are scratching, burning, or even discomfort.

In this report, we will learn more about the disease. Just read on!

When is balanitis occurring?

The condition is directly linked to the sanitary conditions of the penis. Due to the lack of an appropriate cleaning schedule, this facilitates the development of a secretion made up of dead cells that accumulate in the place. There are some variables, however, which can increase the chances of a man developing the problem.

For instance, individuals who have not been circumcised are more prone to balanitis. The theory is that the skin that protects the glands ends up making hygiene harder. Thus, as the area becomes colder, damp, and with residues, there is a perfect atmosphere to cause the inflammatory process.

People with type 2 diabetes are even more likely to develop the disorder. Furthermore, age is a risk factor, as the occurrence is higher in men over 40 years of age.

What are the suggested diagnosis and treatment?

It is worth noting that an infection may or may not be associated with inflammation, which will determine which treatment is suitable for the situation. To prevent a recurrence, the clinical procedure may be shown to the patient’s partner.

As the required method of prevention is proper hygiene of the area, surgery to remove excess skin may be recommended in cases where the foreskin’s narrowing prevents visibility and correct cleaning of the gland.

The best method of prevention, as suggested, is in how a man cleans his sex organ. Lack of cleanliness is associated with other much more extreme issues, such as penile cancer.

The person must retract the skin (foreskin) and wash the glands’ region for proper hygiene, ensuring that no residue or secretion remains.

Also, after urinating, it is advised to dry the penis and wash it thoroughly after the sexual act and consult a sexologsit doctor in India event of suspected anomalies.

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