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Ideally, semen leakage occurs when semen seeps out of the penis. It is a whitish fluid containing sperms and often leaks out during sexual activity irrespective of whether ejaculation happens. Some people might experience semen leakage while they’re asleep or after urination. It can signal an underlying health condition that needs treatment.

When does semen leakage occur?

Semen leakage might occur sometimes, and the conditions are mentioned here.

During sexual arousal

The semen leakage may leak out during sex arousal activities. For instance, semen leakage might occur during any sexual activity or while having any sexual thoughts and might have leakage during or after ejaculation. Pre ejaculatory fluid is also known as pre cum, and the fluid might sometimes contain sperm, so it is important to use contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy.

After urination

Leakage after urination might occur if semen remains in the urethra after ejaculation, and this mix can cast the urine to appear cloudy. Semen leakage after ejaculation is not a common cause for concern but not all discharge from the penis semen. The release might indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted infection, and it might contain urinary incontinence or unintentional urine loss.

During sleep

Teenagers and younger adults commonly experience semen leakage during sleep, even though it can affect males of any age. It is known as nocturnal emissions or wet dreams, as these night-time leakages occur when inventions cause sexual arousal. Contact with clothing or bedding might also lead to arousal and subsequent ejaculation of semen.

Nervous system injury

The nervous system is the complex network of nerve cells that transmits messages between the brain and other body parts. It also controls all the body functions like ejaculation. Damage to the nervous system might lead to semen leakage or other changes in your ejaculation. Injuries and severe medical conditions can lead to nervous system damage like injury to the head or spinal cord, brain tumour exposure to poisons like carbon monoxide infections in the brain or around the brain and spinal cord or alcohol misuse.

When do you need to cm a medical professional?

Semen leakage during some activities is normal, but frequent or excessive leakage might cause distress. People who have concerns about semen leakage or other aspects of sexual functioning can connect with the Sexologist doctor. The medical experts will be able to provide reassurance and support and also investigate any concerns a person might have and prescribe where treatments are necessary. Suppose any of the following symptoms accompany semen leakage. In that case, it is good to see the doctor like semen that is bloody are smelly visual appearance changes in sexual functioning or ejaculation.

Tips to prevent semen leakage

You can prevent semen leakage if you try masturbating before bed to avoid met dreams. You also need to follow a healthful diet to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. You can also have healthy semen if you follow an exercise routine and manage weight, as excess weight can increase cancer risk and play extra stress on your bladder. You also need to discuss the side effects of any new medication with your doctor and weigh these up against the potential benefits of the treatment. Finally, you need to see a doctor for regular check-ups or if issues arise with urination or sexual function.

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