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Night discharge is the presence of semen in the urine at night or at times of low activity. Such discharges may be associated with erectile dysfunction. However, it may also occur with ejaculation without a condom. In this case, the night discharge is known as “dry night discharge.” The urine is examined for the presence of seminal material. Night discharge is a normal condition, especially among younger males. This is the time when men produce the most sperm. Men with nocturnal emissions may be embarrassed.

How to Get Rid of Night Discharge?

There are a number of reasons why you may have night discharge. The main reason is a lack of sexual desire. Sexual desire can decrease during adulthood. This is because as you age, you may feel less motivated to have sex.

Some medical conditions can cause night discharges. These include prostate problems, cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. Your hormones may also play a role in this problem.

What can I do about night discharge?

First of all, you should stop using alcohol. Alcohol can affect your desire and your performance. Other factors that can affect your sex life include stress, a poor diet, smoking, depression, and fatigue. You may want to try getting more sleep. Try not to watch TV late at night. This may reduce your desire for sex. Try to exercise regularly. Exercise is very good for your health.

Consult Gautam Clinic for Night Discharge Treatment

Gautam Clinic offers special Night discharge treatment in Rohini, Delhi to make your sex life better than ever. You may not know why you are facing this problem. There are many reasons why you may be having problems with your libido. If you are not eating properly, it may result in a lack of energy. If you are stressed out, it may affect your libido negatively. There are many reasons why you might feel fatigued. Gautam Clinic has many treatments that can help you to improve your sex life.