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Libido,  that means your sex drive plays an essential role in your intimate life. Good amounts of libido can fire up the passion during sexual intercourse. Whereas, unhealthy nourishment of the libido can make you limb in bed. An enhanced sex drive is essential to have a passionate experience in bed. The sexual urge can be increased with food for libido nourishment. However, there are some foods that are unknowingly depleting your libido giving you a poor physical experience.

If you want to improve your sexual urge and performance in bed take care of these food items in your plate that may be the sinner.

Beans. Beans are undoubtedly rich in fiber and antioxidants. However, it also contains indigestible sugar that can lead to gastric problems and decrease libido levels in the body. Therefore, consuming a large portion of beans can affect your sexual drive and intimate relationship with your partner.

Cheese. Cheese is a processed food item. Various antibiotics and some growth hormones are used in the process. These ingredients interfere with the natural cycle of sex hormones i.e., estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. These hormones are responsible for sex drive. So, stop consuming too much of cheese as is bad for your libido

Chocolates. Who is not fond of chocolates? But did you know chocolate can make your skin feel sensitive and aroused because of the  that it contains? Dark chocolates can be good for your sexual health, however, chocolates in common can lead to fatigue and make your tired easily. This ultimately affects your sexual performance and satisfaction.

Oily & deep fried food: All those fried foods coming hot out of pan can be mouth watery to some. It might be hard resisting on burgers and yummy looking french fries. But you better restrict having such foodstuff if you desire a passionate healthy sex. And, steer clear of those crunchy fries specifically before sex.

Fried foods are high in trans-fat that lowers the levels of libido. It causes the irregular production of sperm in men and meddles with gestation in women.

Popcorns. Who doesn’t like popcorn, especially while watching movies? But, who doesn’t want great sex? Everyone does! Right? So, be aware that microwave popcorn can adversely affect your libido.

It contains acids like perfluoroalkyl acids- PFOA and PFOS that lowers the average sperm count affecting a man’s fertility and sex. Moreover, the bags that pack this tiny delight have chemicals in the inside lining which is said to reduce sex drive in men.

Potato chips. These evergreen crispy bites contain trans-fats that interfere with the normal hormonal cycle. It can also lead to oxidative body damage. Potato chips can increase your weight, result in poor body image and cause fatigue. All these factors affect your sexual urge and disrupt the excitement.

Soya bean. Soya bean is rich in protein, however, it contains phytoestrogen compounds that can distort the sex hormone levels. These compounds mirror estrogen that lowers energy and reduces sex drive.

If you desire a healthy sex life, avoid or reduce the consumption of these everyday food items that you consume.

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