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No doubt, Sex is the essence of wedding life but true relation based on the trust and mutual love. Being the sexologist India by profession, I personally recommend the patients to follow their heart while keeping their wedding relation strengthen. Across the world, from the ancient time to present, happiness & satisfaction in married life keep the human life healthy and happy. There was the time when a woman was supposed to keep quiet and not to express their feelings in front of their respective husbands. They were expected to perform the domestic chaos, they had to go through the physical stress and no complaints & suggestions listened. Now the time has changed significantly, women can express their feelings and can show their sexual feelings towards the partner.

Married life is now based on mutual love and trust, not on the fear. So if the woman expects a man to be good on the bed, she can freely ask him to do so. Even a man is ready to fulfill the desire of women. With the invention of technology and treatments, the man may have treatments to cure their sexual weakness if they are having. Generally, men may be found suffering from premature ejaculationerectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire. Proper medication, therapy, physical exercises guided by the Expert sexologist helping them to rebuild their wedding relationship.

Men have also recognized the value of women happiness, so they are trying hard to fulfill their expectations. Hiding personal problems is a part of illiteracy which causes serious issues in future. Better to consult with the doctor and to have treatments for sexual weakness to improve married life. Sexual bonding always based on emotional intimacy. So better to trust the partner with the fullest and devote your every moment with joy & happiness.

One thing I want to highlight, one should always engage in foreplay to get more satisfactory sexual intimacy. In fact, true emotions lead to romantic foreplay and extreme foreplay leads to satisfactory sex. If any of the partners is suffering from any serious sexual illness or weakness, it is always recommended to consult with the doctor on prior basis. As for hiding or ignoring the problems will always lead to married issues. Contact us today only and get a timely consultation.

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