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Azoospermia is the inability to produce sperm which leads to infertility. It is caused due to any number of reasons such as hormonal imbalance, infections, genetic abnormalities etc. Azoospermia treatment can help the men suffering from this condition. In such cases, ayurvedic medicines are effective and effective.

Azoospermia is the condition where the male is not producing any sperm at all. There are several ways to treat it. A number of herbal therapies are used to treat this problem. The ayurvedic treatment can be helpful in treating this problem.

Azoospermia Ayurvedic Treatment in Delhi

Azoospermia means “Low Sperm” and it is a condition that has no cure, only treatments for infertility. Azoospermia can be either a primary or secondary infertility. The primary infertility is a condition where the male reproductive system fails to produce enough semen. Secondary infertility is when the sperm production is normal but they do not fertilize the egg.