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Sexual health is a very important part of overall health. The primary purpose of a sex therapist is to help people become healthier sexually.

Causes of Sexual Disorder

The main causes of the sexual disorder are heredity, infection, and mental disorders, which include anxiety, depression, stress, and mood swings.

Heredity: A person who has a relative with a sexual problem usually tends to inherit a similar condition.

Infection: Infections such as herpes, gonorrhea, and AIDS are some of the common reasons behind sexual problems.

Mental Disorders: Stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and sleep problems are common mental disorders that can affect sexual function.

How to improve Sexual Health

There are many ways to improve your sexual health. Some of the most effective methods include:

Yoga: Yoga is one of the most powerful forms of exercise. By practicing yoga regularly, you can improve your overall health and well-being. It also improves your digestion, metabolism, and blood circulation.

Meditation: Meditation helps you to relax, de-stress, and learn how to control your emotions. By relaxing your mind and body, you can lower the number of stress hormones in your system.

Exercise: Exercise is essential to improving your sexual health. You should consider doing yoga and swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. Your heart and lungs will be benefited.

Which is the Best Ayurvedic Sexologist Clinic in Delhi?

If we talk about the best Ayurvedic sexologist clinic in Delhi the first name we get to know is Gautam Clinic. It is the No. 1 Sexual Health Consultant Clinic in Delhi. Dr. I.J. Gautam helped thousands of couples to live a happy married life to get them treatment with his specialty. If you have any sexual health problems then must Visit Gautam Clinic. You will get guaranteed results.

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