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Every year on September 4, the world recognizes World Sexual Health Day. This year’s Sexual Health Awareness Day is focused on expanding access to quality sexual health care services for all people. People need to realize why it’s crucial to get regular check-ups for their sexual health.

Taking care of your sexual health is freeing. You owe it to yourself and your partner to get regular check-ups by a Sexual health consultant in Ghaziabad.

What does sexual health mean?

Most people think of sexual health in terms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexual dysfunction when they think about sexual health. They are a part of sexual health, but that’s not all there is to it. Sexual health has three things: feeling safe, having fun, and being respected. It’s about taking care of yourself in sexual relationships.

Things that matter for your sexual health

    • Easy to talk to: It’s important to feel comfortable talking to your partner about your sexual life. Find out how to talk to people in a good way.
    • Enjoyment: You and your partner should do what you can to make your sexual relationship satisfying.
    • Respect: Respect for each other’s needs wants, and worth is essential in sexual relationships.
    • Consent: The person you have a sexual relationship with needs to be happy and at ease with it. Sexual activity without consent is against the law, so make sure you know the rules about consent.
    • Reducing the chances of getting pregnant and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs): Make sure you know how pregnancy and STIs can happen in sexual relationships, and learn how to have safer sex.

Sex health check-ups

    • Even if you’re nervous, you must get regular sexual health checks from a Sexologist doctor in Ghaziabad if you’re sexually active. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one who feels this way. You can discuss your sexual and reproductive health and rights at the check-ups.

    • Tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pap smears (for women), or sexual dysfunction.
    • Talk about birth control, including options for long-term birth control
    • Reproductive issues
    • Talking about your rights when it comes to sexual relationships.

Check-ups on sexual health are essential for anyone sexually active, but how often and when depends on your lifestyle and how often you are sexual. If any of the following apply to you, you should get a sexual health check:

    • If you suspect a sexually transmitted infection.
    • If a condom came off or broke during sexual activity.
    • If you or your partner have engaged in unsafe sex, either vaginally, orally, or anal, you should seek medical attention immediately.
    • If you have ever used someone else’s injecting equipment.
    • Having more than one sexual partner is acceptable if you and your partner both want to.
    • If you’re in the early stages of a romantic relationship.

When should you get a check-up on your sexual health?

If you have a lot of sex, you must go to the doctor often. Age doesn’t matter here. No matter how old you are or how old you are, if you have sex often, you should always get a check-up.

Why do you need a check-up on your sexual health?

A sexual health check-up by a Sexologist doctor in Ghaziabad will determine if your sexual organs are in good shape. You should get tested regularly because there are signs of sexually transmitted diseases that you might not know, and if you ignore them, the disease could get out of hand. But a test would find the disease that is about to start, and your doctor will suggest medicines to treat it. The faster the disease is diagnosed, the more likely the person will get better quickly.

How often do you need to take a test?

How often you need to get a test depends on how often you get sexual.

      • If you only have one partner and don’t sleep with them often, one test a year is enough.
      • If you only have one sexual partner but have a lot of sex, get a test every six months.
      • You need a test every three months if you have more than one sex partner.

Questions you could be asked

During a sexual health check, Ayurvedic Sexologist in Ghaziabad will likely to ask several detailed questions about your sexual history. They might ask:

    • Just how many sex partners you’ve had?
    • Are men or women your preferred sex partners, or do you have it with both?
    • In what ways do you engage in sexual activity?
    • Whenever you notice changes in your sexual or reproductive health.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable to share this information with someone you don’t know, it’s essential to answer any questions honestly because it could affect the tests or advice you get. STIs can cause long-term health problems like organ damage, infertility, and blindness if not treated.

Possible tests that could be done

With your permission, Ayurvedic Sexologist in Ghaziabad may also:

    • Look for signs of STIs in your external genital area.
    • Take swabs of fluid or discharge on a cotton bud under a microscope.
    • Ask you to give a urine sample or blood test.
    • Do a vaginal exam, such as a pap smear, for women.
    • Examine your mouth, nose, and throat for signs of STIs.

It’s a good idea to ask any questions you have, whether they’re about tests, privacy, or how health problems might affect your life.

keep track of your sexual health, you must get checked out regularly at Gautam Clinic. It’s also crucial that you actively work to keep it that way.