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Most men are aware of problems with their erections and think of them as a regular part of getting older. But what would you do if you had an erection that didn’t stop? This is a common problem for young men who have trouble getting an erection at the worst times. This post will look at the many reasons why erections can last for a long time. Find the best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Delhi if you want the best treatment.

Why does your erection keep coming back?

When you’re young, it’s common to have an erection that won’t stop. On the other hand, a healthy erection shouldn’t hurt, and the penis shouldn’t change shape. When this happens, the person may have a medical condition called priapism.

Why does it happen?

If you have trouble getting an erection, you might want to look at the following mental and physical factors:

Sexual Arousal Causes Erections

When people want to be sexual, they often get erections that don’t stop. It’s more likely to happen to young men, but it can happen to anyone. Even if you don’t plan to do anything sexual, it might be hard to keep yourself in check. You should look for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi.

Viagra and some other drugs

We need to ensure that no medicine used to treat sexual problems also causes problems with getting an erection. Viagra and other PDE5 drugs can cause erections to last long. Even after ejaculating, the penis might not be completely limp again.

Peyronie’s Disease

One of the signs of this condition is the growth of fibrous tissue in the penis. It is stiffer than the tissue around it and can change the shape of the penis. Peyronie disease can also stop blood flow or make the penile muscles stiff.

Sickle Cell Anaemia

This anaemia is caused by blood cells that don’t work right. It can lead to heart disease and other health problems. One of the problems is that blood clots can form in the arteries. By stopping blood flow in the penis, they can cause blood to stay in the penis.


This penile erection is constant and can’t be stopped. It doesn’t respond to sexual stimulation or goes away when you ejaculate. Often, this is caused by a problem with the blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa. So, the penis doesn’t let blood flow out or get too much blood flow, which isn’t suitable for it.

Ways to stop an erection from happening

Find something else to do
First, try to think about or do something else to take your mind off of it. You could do math problems or anything else that will test your sanity. You might feel better thinking about something else, but it takes time. Try not to think about your erection for a little while.

Shower in cold water

This is one of the first things people will tell you to do, and it does work. Less blood gets to the skin and the penis when it’s cold. If you do that, it will go back to being soft. Cold water works better than a cold room, so taking a shower is an excellent choice if you have one.

Try sitting quietly and thinking

Meditation and breathing can take your mind off the thoughts that gave you an erection. This is helpful if you’re getting a massage and don’t want to start something that will make you feel bad. You can pay attention to how you breathe and air in and out of your lungs. You could also repeat a word, count, forward or backward, or look over your whole body. These techniques will help you relax, and the erection will go away.

Do some light exercise

Physical activity, like light jogging, walking, or doing push-ups, can help you get rid of an erection. This is because exercise sends blood to your muscles instead of your heart. If you don’t have a source of active sexual stimulation, your erection will weaken. If you decide to go for a walk, you can hide your erection by putting on a waist pack or something similar. Listen to music and do something else while you work out to speed up the effect.

Change your position

Sometimes, the solution is to move your body differently. This helps if something in your clothes or around you makes your penis feel good. Most of the time, you don’t even realize that your chair or clothes are causing you to get an erection. You can also hide your erection if you change your position. When this happens, it can help hide the erection and think about something else.

Relax and hold on

When you think about your erection, it can sometimes make it worse. If you keep thinking about it, your mind will return to where the erection came from, which will keep it going. So, if you try to calm your anxiety, nature will respond, and the erection will go away after a while.

The ability to get an erection is normal and healthy, but it can sometimes cause problems. Most accidental erections are not medical emergencies, even when they happen to young boys who are just starting to act sexually. They are caused mainly by psychological factors. Do things like take a cold shower, distract yourself, meditate, or do light exercise. If that doesn’t work, or if you have severe symptoms like pain or changes in skin colour, look for a Sexologist in India at Gautam Clinic.