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Sex not only makes you feel good. It can also be good for your health. Here’s a list of what a healthy sex life can do for you.

Improves your Immune System

Having regular sex enable you to defend your body against germs, viruses, and other intruders. It is found that people having regular sex have higher levels of certain antibody which help fight sickness.

Boosts Your Libido

Having sex will make sex better and will improve your libido. In women, having sex increases vaginal lubrication, blood circulation, and elasticity which make sex feel better and help you crave more of it.

Improves Bladder Control

Good sex works as a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. When you attain orgasm, it causes contractions in these muscles, that strengthens them and help avoid incontinence.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Sexual intercourse particularly lowers your systolic blood pressure.

Decreases risk of Heart Attack

Good sex life is important for your heart. It helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. The lower level of any of these hormones may cause numerous problems like osteoporosis and even heart disease


Decreases the risk of Prostate Cancer

Men who ejaculate regularly are less likely to get prostate cancer

Improves Sleep

You may get a good sleep quickly after sex, and for good reason. After attaining orgasm, a hormone known as prolactin is released; this is accountable for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness.

Relieve Stress

Coming close to your partner may soothe stress and anxiety. Hugging and touching may release the body’s natural ‘feel-good hormone’. When you are sexually aroused, your body releases a brain chemical that revs up your brain’s pleasure and reward system.

Sex and intimacy may improve your self-worth and happiness. It’s not only a provides you a healthy life, but a happy you.

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