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Let’s face it, 2021 wasn’t exactly a sexy year. Finding new in-person partners was out of the question because of social distancing rules. If you had a partner, all that time spent at home together might have made you less ready to get into bed. Furthermore, 2021 was challenging for many of us, leaving us little energy for wild and frantic intercourse.

As a result, this year’s top sex positions were primarily about familiarity, sexual stamina, and comfort, with a dash of inventiveness thrown in for good measure. The top five sex roles are, as said by the best sexologist in India, to be best with your bed partner.

CAT (coital alignment technique)

Place yourself on your back with your lover on top of you in the traditional missionary position. What’s distinctive is that the man moves upward, bringing his entire body closer to yours and his head a little past yours. The idea is to align up your pelvises such that when he thrusts up and down rather than in and out, the bottom of his pubic bone and penis boost your clitoris.

Your partner’s penis can enter your vagina at a greater angle, making it more likely to hit your G-spot, in addition to providing you with the direct clitoral motion most women require to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Win-win!

The lotus

According to a sexologist, this full-body, eye-to-eye action provides a great deal of physical and romantic connection. To get started, follow these steps: Make your companion sit in a pretzel configuration on the bed, chair, or couch. “Half lotus” is what it’s called.

Wrap your legs around your partner as if they were a tree trunk and sit on top of them. After penetration, instead of jumping up and down, sway your hips back and forth. This position’s most significant draw is its intimacy. It’s not that it’s off-limits for a casual sex encounter, but keep in mind that you’ll be doing a lot of face-to-face contact in this position. This means the chance to connect more deeply and tightly on various levels.

Stork with one leg

This one is for you if you enjoy the sensation of having your legs up in the air but don’t appreciate the cramping that can occur. Lie down on your back on the bed, with your partner facing you and resting his knees on the floor. Rather than lifting both legs, maintain one stretched out straight on the bed and lift the other.

What exactly is the advantage? Keeping both legs extended toward the ceiling might be difficult for many women’s lower backs; can be more comfortable. You’ll have plenty of time for a leisurely build to a hot orgasm if the position is as pleasant as possible. If you have any problem, you can go for sexual health treatment in the Gautam clinic.

The accordion

Let’s say the accordion is worth all of those legendary squats. First, rest your companion on his back, knees bent in the air. Then, squat on top of him, straddling his legs, so your thighs hug his, and your feet are flat on the bed.

This version of the girl on top gives the woman control in the same way that girl on top does. If your thighs begin to burn quickly, don’t worry. Accordion is frequently used as a jumping-off point for other instruments. Work up to this squat-centric posture, then switch to a more comfortable pose, like a cowgirl, when it’s time to cross the finish line.

Good Vibrations

As your toys do most of the work, you can relax and enjoy every experience. However, most women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse alone, so you may lose out on climaxing unless you stimulate yourself during the action (or your spouse does it for you while he thrusts).

A little clitoral vibrator can be tucked between your pelvis and the bed to provide relief. Allow the vibrator to assist you in hitting that high note while you concentrate on how wonderful sex feels. Naturally, a vibrator can be used to improve any position. It will seem less intrusive and more like a sexy secret hidden beneath your body during doggy style.

It isn’t easy to try anything new in bed. Trying the unknown between the sheets, on the other hand, has its rewards. Choose your best position from the list.

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