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You can boost fertility by adopting a healthy lifestyle incorporating the most significant positions to get pregnant. Remember, when trying them out, you should enjoy the activity itself, not simply the result.

Couples often fail to enjoy their sexual experience because they are preoccupied with the pressure to procreate. They try every conceivable position, but their attention is so fixed on having a kid that the desired miracle never occurs.

How to Get Pregnant Faster

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Thus, it is not enough to incorporate the postures; you must also learn to appreciate them and be present in the moment. You’ll have better sex and a better time if you can both chill off and take pleasure in the act.

How your sexual orientation can affect your chance of getting pregnant

When we interview couples with frequent and open sexual encounters about the fastest way to start a family, we typically get a lot of advice on sex positions.

The most excellent sex positions to get pregnant quickly, for instance, or how to perfect the best sex position to conceive soon, are common topics of conversation.

You’ll find recommendations on what to eat, drink, and even supplement. Countless suggestions and alternatives are available.

But maybe we should question whether or not sex positions help in conceiving quickly.

Does it make a difference to experiment with different sexual positions when attempting to conceive?

Although there is no hard evidence to suggest that a particular posture helps speed up the pregnancy process, there are still advantages to learning how to achieve pregnancy in the most comfortable way possible.

To fix your relationship’s intimacy issues, try switching up your positions.

If you make love in your fertile phase, that’s all there is to it.

How to conceive quickly: the optimal sex positions

Here are a few of the most effective sexual positions that can hasten your pregnancy. Likewise, if you and your partner share a sense of adventure, you should attempt every one of them.

Whatever your preferences may be, you should take pleasure in any of these excellent sex positions that can help you conceive.

Missionary Position

Missionary Position Image
Missionary Position

In this common position, the lady lays on her back while the guy gets into a prone posture on top of her. The pelvis is not tilted in this posture because it makes it more difficult for sperm to enter the cervix and fertilise the egg. If you’re trying to conceive, this is the sex position you should use because it allows for the deepest penetration.

Doggy Style Position

Doggy Style Position Image
Doggy Style Sex Position

You can increase your chances of becoming pregnant by lying in this position. This posture is popular among men because it provides excellent access to the sex organ. Additionally, this sex position aids in conceiving since the cervix is more easily opened than in other sex positions. The woman in this posture is on her hands and knees, facing away from her male companion. A pillow under the woman’s stomach can raise her vagina, making it simpler to penetrate while she lies on the bed. Aside from making pregnancy more likely, this position is beneficial because it increases the likelihood of the penis contacting the G spot.

Additionally, clitoral stimulation is enhanced, and the woman’s contractions during the orgasmic phase of the sexual act aid in the transport of sperm to the cervix. The most significant drawback is that it prevents intimate eye contact, which is ideal for making love. In addition, some women experience pain due to the location and orientation of the penis during sex.

The Glowing Triangle Position

the glowing triangle position image
The Glowing Triangle Position

The missionary position is a sexual position that’s similar to this one. The male is on top of the woman, lying supine (facing up) on the bed. The missionary position differs from the blazing triangle posture in that the male starts on his hands and knees rather than standing. In this position, the woman wraps her legs over the man’s body and uses a cushion to prop up her pelvis. This is a healthy conception position because the pelvis is tilted upward, and sperm can more easily reach the cervix. One of the most significant benefits of this position is that it stimulates both partners’ libidos, resulting in a more satisfying sexual experience.

The Rock and Roller Position

The Rock and Roller Position Image
The Rock and Roller Position

That’s the “anvil position,” by the way. This is quite similar to the missionary position, and it provides maximum penetration into the vagina, which in turn serves to arouse the lady by striking her G spot. When a woman gets stimulated to the climax, the sperm can move closer to the egg, increasing the likelihood of fertilisation. Having the woman raise her legs above your head as you lie on your back will do the trick. Your pelvis will be tilted, allowing gravity to aid in bringing the sperm to the egg, allowing the male to penetrate more deeply.

The Magic Mountain Position

The Magic Mountain Position Image
The Magic Mountain Position

This is reminiscent of the doggie style, in which the guy leans over the woman’s back and presses his chest against hers. Putting cushions under the woman’s head can help support her upper body. To increase the pelvic tilt and increase the likelihood of sperm reaching the cervix, the woman should bend at the waist and use fewer pillows. The penis reaches the G spot, and the clitoris is more easily stimulated in this posture, both of which increase the likelihood of a female experiencing an orgasmic climax.

The Spooning Position

The Spooning Position Image
The Spooning Position

Getting pregnant in this posture is a viable alternative. The woman is “spooning” or lying on her side while the man is behind her. The male reproductive organ, or penis, enters the vagina from the posterior canal. Because both the male and the woman are standing at the same height, gravity is working in their favour, making it simpler for sperm to reach the cervix and fertilise an egg.

The Plough Position

The Plough Position Image
The Plough Position

The woman in this technique raises her legs while standing on her hands. A man “wheelbarrows” himself between the legs and holds them up. It makes use of gravity to facilitate the transport of sperm to the cervix.

The Butterfly Position

The Butterfly Position Image
The Butterfly Position

The woman is currently lying on her back on the table. Once the pelvis is appropriately inclined, the guy enters the vagina by stepping between the woman’s legs. The man’s sperm is more likely to remain in the vagina and make it to the cervix in this position, increasing the likelihood of fertilisation.

What positions are best?

Unprotected sex around the time of ovulation is highly likely to result in pregnancy due to the release of hundreds of millions of sperm during each male orgasmic episode. You can get pregnant if sperm make it to the uterine lining.

It has not been shown that any particular sex position increases the probability of getting pregnant. However, there may be optimal placements to guarantee the success of the tiny swimmers in reaching the egg. Deeper penetration is possible in the missionary (the guy on top) and doggie-style (man behind) positions, bringing sperm closer to the cervix.

You’re fighting gravity in the standing and woman-on-top postures. And yet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stand up and walk around immediately after having sex if you’re worried about getting pregnant. Sperm have impressive swimming abilities. They can travel from the vagina to the cervix in as little as 15 minutes after being placed there.

It is not necessary to lie on your back or extend your legs after having sex to facilitate their descent, but doing so certainly won’t hurt. You can also aid the sperm in their journey by placing a pillow beneath your lower back.

Some further suggestions

It’s not just your sexual orientation that can affect your fertility. Did you know there are a few more things you may try to improve your chances of getting pregnant?

Orgasm helps 

Everyone knows that a man’s ability to ejaculate is crucial if he wants to have children with his partner. Contrary to popular belief, a woman’s climax during an orgasmic experience can aid sperm in their journey to the egg.

Watch your weight 

Don’t forget that extremes of body mass index (BMI) might hurt fertility.

Avoid smoking by all means

The risks of smoking are well-known. The risk of infertility and miscarriage is also raised.

When is a good time to get sexual?

The most fertile time of a woman’s menstrual cycle is also the ideal time to conceive. The five days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation are known as your “fertile window.”

The chances of getting pregnant are highest on the day of ovulation and the two days leading up to it. Having sexual activity on certain days will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

A mature egg is released from an ovary during ovulation. The fallopian tube is the egg’s pathway to reach the uterus.

The sperm will (ideally) reach the egg via this path, where it can fertilise it. Sperm have a life expectancy of around five days. You want to have viable sperm present in your Fallopian tubes at ovulation if you’re going to conceive.

To what extent can you predict when you will ovulate? Counting the days of your cycle is one option.

Track your menstrual periods with a calendar or an app. Your menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your menstruation and concludes the day before your next period starts.

Try to locate the cycle halfway. Ovulation typically occurs between days 14 and 18 of a 28-day cycle.

The following symptoms often signal the onset of ovulation:

  • Symptoms of a shift in vaginal fluids: When you ovulate, your mucus will change to a clear, thick consistency, similar to an egg white.
  • Increasing core body temperature (BBT): Immediately following ovulation, you may notice a modest rise in your basal body temperature. A basal body temperature thermometer can take a reading in the morning before you get out of bed. It is important to remember that this test cannot tell you when you will ovulate, only if you have ovulated. On the other hand, if you record your temperatures across a few cycles, you can figure out which day of the cycle is typically associated with ovulation.

Ovulation kits are available for purchase without a prescription at many drugstores. Ovulation can be predicted with the help of a urine test that detects fluctuations in a woman’s reproductive hormones. For further details, please consult the test kit manual.

How often should you have sex?

You may have heard that frequent sex might harm sperm health and produce fewer of them. Scientific studies have indicated that sperm quality improves following two- to three days of abstinence. Scientific research also shows that couples who engage in sexual activity once every two to three days have a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

You can improve your chances of becoming pregnant by having sex once a day or every other day throughout your reproductive window.

Try to have sex more frequently, but don’t force yourself to stick to a strict schedule. Unnecessary anxiety may result. Your comfort level should be the determining factor in the optimal frequency of sexual activity.

Does using lubricant increase or decrease fertility?

Concerns have been raised about the potential impact of lubricants on sperm quality, although over two-thirds of women use one during sexual activity. Water-based lubricants, such as Astroglide and K-Y Brand Jelly, inhibited sperm motility by as much as 100% in laboratory tests.

Couples wanting to conceive shouldn’t worry and toss the lubricant tube just yet; research shows it has no harmful impact on fertility. And since lubricant can make sexual activity more pleasurable, it could help you conceive more quickly by encouraging you to engage more frequently.

Try a sperm-friendly lubricant, like Pre-Seed, if you’re worried about your fertility being affected by the lubricant you use.

To determine the most fertile position, try them all. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to have sexual encounters that are full of love and pleasure. Remember that having a kid is not something that must be checked off a list or done in a specific way. There needs to be an element of surprise, fun, and ease.