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Acute Paraphimosis is a medical emergency that occurs when the tissues in the inguinal canal (groin) are caught in the pelvic ring, which blocks the flow of blood from the abdominal area. This causes a partial or complete blockage of the genitalia so that the penis or vagina becomes swollen and inflamed. It is important to see a doctor to prevent this condition from becoming fatal

Without a doubt, a male testicles are the most vulnerable to being trapped in the groin, so men are much more likely to develop acute paraphimosis than women.


The most common cause of acute paraphimosis is having the testicles trapped in the groin. This can occur if the penis becomes trapped in the vulva or if the penis becomes caught in the vaginal opening.

Other causes of acute paraphimosis include:

  • Climbing trees
  • Playing sports
  • Working in a job that requires you to sit in a chair
  • Falling
  • Hitting the ground