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About the Best Sexual Health Care Clinic in India

Gautam Online Consultation is India s No. 1 Online Sexual Health Consultation. I.J.Gautam (Sex Specialist) is founder of Gautam Clinic. Inder Jeet Gautam brainchild, this online consultation is aimed at helping couples improve their married life, and sexual relationships. We ensure to provide the best possible solution to our patients who discuss their sex problems or relationship on a whole. Couples can be rest assured that their identity will not be disclosed whatsoever and hence they can ask whatever doubts they have about their sexual performance without any hesitation, shyness or awkward feeling, which might exist while discussing the same sitting before a doctor a sex expert.

We have been the pioneer in our field from the very beginning and by all means, we have maintained this status of providing the best expert advice on issues. We have four centers/clinics in all in Faridabad (Haryana) area. In the last few years, above 50,000 patients have been taken care of at these clinics and more than 80,000 patients have sought to and taken immense benefits from our online consultation.

Undoubtedly, this all was possible only with the trust and faith that our patients, registered members and other visitors have shown in us. Also, the blessings of almighty God and the satisfied families of our patients have made us reach so far.

Expecting the same kind of support and cooperation in future too, we promise to serve more and more patients and help couples enjoy a good and healthy sex life.